During 4 days Shaman Blue Star takes you on a journey through the Medicine Wheel.

Shaman Blue Star is a medium and Clanmother of the Susquehannock Tribe. After the Medicine Wheel you learn why all the ancient peoples of the earth from the past to the present still work with this important instrument. Through the Medicine Wheel as a tool you learn to understand yourself better and to create your life from your highest goal here on earth.

Contents training Medicine Wheel Teachings
The Medicine Wheel is a Shamanic tool, a special tool to better understand the world around you. At first glance it looks so simple, while it brings you so much depth as soon as the medicine wheel is “opened”. It reveals and opens up a special wisdom of who and what you really are, and how you are able to “see” reality.


The Medicine Wheel was used by all ancient peoples of the earth. When you understand how it works, you understand the different ways in which you can connect with your ancestors and yourself through time and space.

 The Medicine Wheel Teachings are an opportunity to better understand every aspect of your being and spirit in the eternal circle of life. It helps open your heart and mind to the mystical being that you are on a multi-dimensional level. You learn to read the DNA of yourself and your ancestors via the medicine wheel.

Blue Star a Shaman, Healer, Medium, storyteller, Clanmother and special teacher of Aboriginal and North American Indian spirituality. The traditional name for a Shaman is “person of knowledge”, a person who transfers knowledge. After her many years of traveling around the world, she was adopted by the Aborginals after she was also included in the Indian Susquehannock tribe by Chief Piercing Eyes Penns in 1995, the founder of the pan American Indian association (Panamia) Florida.

She was also adopted by the Cherokee by Grandmother Dreamcatcher FL and by Grandfather Sky from the Shoshonee (Idaho). She then traveled for another 18 years with his successor Chief Dancing Thunder. She obtained her Master in Music, invented “Piano Dream Time Music”, studied psychology, Dream Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and is part of transpersonal healers in the Netherlands.

She has also been appointed as “International Clan Mother of the Pan American Indian Association” and has been granted permission to perform ceremonies as minister of the Native Indian Church. Blue Star teaches all over the world to spread the special teachings and rituals that have been communicated to her and to bring healing. Part of this special knowledge is working with the medicine wheel.

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