Did you know that water wants to do anything for you when you love it from your heart?

Our bodies consist of about 60% water. 2/3 is water. And the vibration of water wants and also can help you.
How? Well, everything is vibration. Our emotions, our thoughts, our world around and this is why we can influence our world with vibration. Why not with the most beautiful and sweet love and images?

Your brain is 73% water. Your lungs are 83% water. Your skin is 64% water Your kidneys and muscle are 79% of water and even your bones consist of 31% water.

And all of this water can alter its vibration into healing, positive support, and change the world around you into one of beauty. Water has a great effect on you and the world around you. Through the Water we were born, through the water we can be re-born.

Please feel welcome to join us in discovering the magic of water – love vibration experience.
Life is a beautiful adventure and It is in your hands

Elements of this day How to:

  • Connect with water
  • Measure water
  • Program water for healing
  • What are healing codes and personal healing codes
  • Make homeopathic essence with your healing codes.

Practical Information of the Sacred Water Teaching
Date: zaterdag 31 october 2020
Time: 10:00 untill 16:30
Place: Assendelft (Zaanstad)
Max 5 attendees
Price: € 125,00

With Love and gratitude .
Hope to see you soon.

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