Walk your own path of fame

Do you know what your life purpose is?
How do you integrate your life purpose?
What do you do when things don’t go the way you want them to?

We experienced the essence of Native American Indian Spirituality with the opening of the Four Classical Teachings of the Medicine Wheel. Shaman Blue Star can help you to identify your own Personal Vision and your Life Purpose.

In this Shamanic Intensive you will find an answer to your questions with the help of your Ancestors and Animal Totems who are so ready to start working with you. You will be able to connect with them, share the different energies they represent and learn how to bring their knowledge and insight in your everyday life.

These teachings are a true adventure. You are welcome to join us.

No previous shamanic experience necessary.

Beyond Trance Dance de-animation

Beyond Trance dance De-amation with Shaman Blue StarIf you love to dance and like to take that experience a little further.

De-animation is a state of trance which enables your spirit to travel easily out of the body into unknown worlds. It is a way to experience your own eternity.

You can reach this state by dancing on trance inducing music (with closed eyes) combined with special breathing techniques that will help you to get access to deeper states of your consciousness helping to unlock hidden information in your cells. Shamans call this state the fourth state of perception. Also others like Stanislav Grof (transpersonal psychology) discovered that we can access archetypal information by combining dance, breath and sound.

Shaman Blue Star has chosen authentic shamanic sounds from all over the world to induce this state of perception. After the trance dance, everybody will lay down to experience the state of de-animation. After you have come back there will be time to draw what you have seen. Blue Star will explain the symbolic meanings of your drawing. On Friday there will be just a sharing.

Water Rituals & Self Healing

We can’t live without water. We are water for 70%. Water is one of the four children of the Earth and has its own beautiful energy and knowledge. It’s has a very subtle sweetness.

The Medicine People of Ancient Knowledge knew how the Spirit of water could be used to heal, to cleanse, and to support us in daily life. All over the world water is used in many rituals, blessings and initiations.

In this workshop we will learn some of these rituals and experience their effect on our body, mind and spirit. We will program water and listen to its messages. Through shamanic journeys we will call in the Spirit of the different phases of water and discover the power of water in the self. Blue Star will teach us how to use water for healing ourselves and the world we live in.

Blue Star: “The grandmothers of my tribe said: If you have a secret, don’t tell it to the water, because everybody will know it”.

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Working with Indigo

Health is the most important thing of our lives. No body- No life! Of course health is an individual thing, and we can use many different ways to help the body to be as healthy as possible.

Some 30 years ago the NASA (USA) was intensely busy with its astronauts and the need arose for a Virtual Doctor to accompany them. The computer program that got developed was kind of sync developed in the USSR. In the States Prof. Doctor Bill Nelson was part of this program.

In the conscious computer system of the Indigo we find the frequenties of all kind of therapeutic programs like the Chinese acupuncture, brainwave programs, DNA, EEG, essential oils, plants, homeopathy, Bach remedies, organs, toxins, parasites, spine, sport programs, neuro emotional status . think of it and it’s probably in there. This quantum device uses the same technology as MRI, CT Scans, EEG, ECG , that all use the electricity of the body to get information about health and the status of the human being. The waves forms that the Indigo then create have a direct positive influence on our well being.

A person is connected to the computer through straps, that carry sensors, around the wrists, ankles and the head. The scan is sensitive enough to measure the electro-fysiological reactions on stress that influence the human body. The test results are given to the practitioner on the main matrix in the Indigo soft ware. Stress plays the biggest role in the quality of life, and the mechanisms of health of the body, and is severely disturbed by it.

In the actual test the system is testing more than 11.000 items in the body. The Indigo can read about 90.000 different signals that the body sends out.

According to dr. Hulda Clark, ‘the cure for all diseases’ there are two basic elements that cause illness. Toxins and Parasites. In the matrix in the Indigo we then can see the information about toxicology,solvents, virus, bacteria, worms, mites and many many more. The system can help to eliminate parasites and help the body to get into a better balance.

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Dreamtime Piano Concerts

What is a piano dreamtime concert?

It is a unique spiritual experience, the ancient art of stories, So that you, the listener can re-discover your own dreamtime
and travel through the sounds with the story-teller, and to experience long dormant memories, and the original voice of your own dreamtime.

Dreamtime piano journey
Guided by the soundscapes of the piano, the listener will be taken into a special adventure, leaving the layers of illusion and start living in the dreamtime.

Would you like to join me?
Come with an open mind so I can help you unfold the wings of your perception, leading you along the dreampath through time into the dreamtime.

Blue Star has a deep understanding about the transformative power of sounds and uses this knowledge in shamanistic journeys and healing. She is a participant of the Dreamtime Healing Concerts® since 1991.

Piano: Blue Star started paying the piano since her eight year. Studied music on the Sweelinck Conservatory and got her masters degree in music. During her travels to Peru, Guatamala, Belize, Indonesia, Venezuela, Brazil she made many recordings of traditional music and got a deeper understanding how music and sound is used as the vehicle for spiritual travelling

In the Dreamtime piano concerts Shaman Blue Star would like to share this knowledge with you.

For concerts and bookings please contact.

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Dreamtime Healing ®

The use of sound as a healing force goes wayback into the origin of mankind. In many tribal cultures all over the world sound was used as a ritual form in the arts of healing. The frequencies of sound have healing porperties that is quite part of the culture.
Already 40.000 years ago the aboriginal peoples of Australia used the Yedaki to express the dreamtime. We know the instrument as a didgeridoo.

It is the hollowed out branch of the eucalyptus tree. This instrument produces very remarkable sounds which we can distinguish as earth and cosmic tones.
The combination of these two tones call up wave forms in the brain that we normally find with very experienced yogi. These wave forms give to the body a deep relaxing effect.
This state is the basis for the healings in the Dreamtime Healing Concerts which was founded in 1991.

Dreamtime Healing  Concert  ®

Participants are laying on a soft underground covered with a blanket. The healer-players use different shamanic instruments that induce a light trance.

The healing instruments that are used are the didgeridoo’s, the Tibetan bowls, shamanistic drums, rattles, the gong and we also make use of hands-on-healing and voice channeling.
A dreamtime healing concert is about 1 ½ hour

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The Medicine Wheel for Women

Especially for women it is difficult to be centered into themselves. Women have the tendency to care too much for others. We expect that the love and care that we need will be returned to us from the world. This expectation leads to disappointment. Most of us are not in tune with Mother Earth, the rythms of the Moon cycles, the cosmos and infinity around us.

We learn to care for ourselves, and to see the true value of the gift of life.

Here we use the Medicine Wheel to re-discover and celebrate all the aspects that define your beautiful self.

The Women Gathering
We acknowledge that our Self is much more then what we learned and believe ourselves to be. The purpose of these teachings is to reach your potential. We do this with the help of Visualisation, practical exercises, trance dance, dream journeys and much more.  It is a great adventure to develop your own awareness.

The women gathering give women the rare chance to reach your full potential. In North American Indian Spirituality we include the notion of the woman as a spiritual warrior.

In 2003 Shaman Blue Star received the information to help women to grow into their potential. This was the birth of the teachings: the Medicine wheel for Women, The Woman’s Initiation Rites, and The anchetypes of the Goddess, as well as Personal Medicine for Women.

The spiritual warrior is She who fights for the development of her spiritual self.


Initiations Rites

Initiation rites are rites of passage. It also can mark the passage from one level of understanding into another.

With the Native American Indian tribes there were many ceremonies that marked an initiation.  Like the initiation into adulthood. When a girl or a boy became 15 an important initiation took place. It was a ceremony for the young man or woman as well as for their parents. To let go for the one, and to accept one’s responsibility into society, for the other party. The parents then gave the young one the right to make their own mistakes, the parents would stop giving advice. Only when the young man or woman would ask for advice they would then give their opinion, or give their advice.

I once received the honor to see an initiation rite into male-hood. Standing outside a marked circle, the women as a wonderful gesture of trust, were invited to witness a unique ceremony for men. A group of men then drummed intensely for this one brother who lay naked on the earth and had to hold onto a huge wooden phallus keeping it erect between his legs. After a long struggle he completely collapsed  into the great Mother Earth and was then picked up by all the men with gentleness and brought into the water.  Much later the men passed by the women and we greeted one another with great respect, and great appreciation. No masks. The pureness of male energy called up the pureness of the female energy.

In a wonderful ceremony Shaman Blue Star guides initiation rituals. For women this means her true acceptance of herself as woman towards herself as sister, mother, caretaker, lover of this planet. In a sisterhood we will be using ancient  spiritual ceremonies with water, with moon, with symbols and with awareness exercises that were brought to us from ancient Egypt. Secrets that were given to open up the energies of womanhood.

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The Four Classical Medicine Wheel Teachings

The four classical medicine wheel teachingsThe four classical medicine wheel teachings have originally been created to teach traditional spirituality of the North American Indians.

Ceremonies teach us how we use our spiritual senses to see into the spirit world and to gain universal knowledge. At the same time these medicine wheel ceremonies teach us to move with the spirit. By using the Medicine Wheel and the Four Wind Directions we learn the build our own permanent wheel. There is a fixed following order in these teachings in order to truly understand how the Native American Indian was making use of the this spiritual tool.

The Classical Medicine Teachings are divided into four ceremonies.

The First ceremony is about building the Medicine Wheel and defining the four wind directions, and the colors associated with each wind direction. We learn how to use our spiritual perception in order to ‘dream’.

The Second ceremony is calling the representative totems for each wind direction, and so truly connect again with the animals of the earth. We learn to start travelling and moving our spirit into a wind direction with the animal spirits.

The Third Ceremony is about finding your personal medicine. We learn to use our awareness and will be guided by our personal totem. We journey into the wind directions to obtain personal medicine.

The Fourth Ceremony is about travelling into the wind directions to meet your own ancestors of ancient times, and to connect with the Grandfathers and the Grandmothers of universal wisdom.


In order to participate into the advanced teachings and ceremonies of the North American Indians, the four classical teachings are recommended.

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The Star Method

The Star Method is a method to release ancestral trauma.

We didn’t come here completely new, we come to this earth with the imprints of our ancestral past. These memories sometimes block the energies flowing through your body, and can prevent you from flowing free. Unconsciously we act out and repeat programs that found its root in a far past.

The Star Method was dreamed to unblock the trauma’s that hold us captive in time. In the first part of the workshop we invite and get the stories of our direct ancestry, the grandfathers, the grandmothers and their lives.

Blue Star uses here shamanistic technique with the drums in order to help you retrieve the stories. In the second part we learn how to release and transcend blocked energy. Here Blue Star is also channeling, helping you to acknowledge your Ancestors and listen to their stories, that helps you to release . You can directly have the experience of how powerful new flushes of energy flow back into your body after doing the Star Method.

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