Beyond Trance Dance de-animation

Beyond Trance dance De-amation with Shaman Blue StarIf you love to dance and like to take that experience a little further.

De-animation is a state of trance which enables your spirit to travel easily out of the body into unknown worlds. It is a way to experience your own eternity.

You can reach this state by dancing on trance inducing music (with closed eyes) combined with special breathing techniques that will help you to get access to deeper states of your consciousness helping to unlock hidden information in your cells. Shamans call this state the fourth state of perception. Also others like Stanislav Grof (transpersonal psychology) discovered that we can access archetypal information by combining dance, breath and sound.

Shaman Blue Star has chosen authentic shamanic sounds from all over the world to induce this state of perception. After the trance dance, everybody will lay down to experience the state of de-animation. After you have come back there will be time to draw what you have seen. Blue Star will explain the symbolic meanings of your drawing. On Friday there will be just a sharing.