Working with Indigo

Health is the most important thing of our lives. No body- No life! Of course health is an individual thing, and we can use many different ways to help the body to be as healthy as possible.

Some 30 years ago the NASA (USA) was intensely busy with its astronauts and the need arose for a Virtual Doctor to accompany them. The computer program that got developed was kind of sync developed in the USSR. In the States Prof. Doctor Bill Nelson was part of this program.

In the conscious computer system of the Indigo we find the frequenties of all kind of therapeutic programs like the Chinese acupuncture, brainwave programs, DNA, EEG, essential oils, plants, homeopathy, Bach remedies, organs, toxins, parasites, spine, sport programs, neuro emotional status . think of it and it’s probably in there. This quantum device uses the same technology as MRI, CT Scans, EEG, ECG , that all use the electricity of the body to get information about health and the status of the human being. The waves forms that the Indigo then create have a direct positive influence on our well being.

A person is connected to the computer through straps, that carry sensors, around the wrists, ankles and the head. The scan is sensitive enough to measure the electro-fysiological reactions on stress that influence the human body. The test results are given to the practitioner on the main matrix in the Indigo soft ware. Stress plays the biggest role in the quality of life, and the mechanisms of health of the body, and is severely disturbed by it.

In the actual test the system is testing more than 11.000 items in the body. The Indigo can read about 90.000 different signals that the body sends out.

According to dr. Hulda Clark, ‘the cure for all diseases’ there are two basic elements that cause illness. Toxins and Parasites. In the matrix in the Indigo we then can see the information about toxicology,solvents, virus, bacteria, worms, mites and many many more. The system can help to eliminate parasites and help the body to get into a better balance.

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Dreamtime Piano Concerts

What is a piano dreamtime concert?

It is a unique spiritual experience, the ancient art of stories, So that you, the listener can re-discover your own dreamtime
and travel through the sounds with the story-teller, and to experience long dormant memories, and the original voice of your own dreamtime.

Dreamtime piano journey
Guided by the soundscapes of the piano, the listener will be taken into a special adventure, leaving the layers of illusion and start living in the dreamtime.

Would you like to join me?
Come with an open mind so I can help you unfold the wings of your perception, leading you along the dreampath through time into the dreamtime.

Blue Star has a deep understanding about the transformative power of sounds and uses this knowledge in shamanistic journeys and healing. She is a participant of the Dreamtime Healing Concerts® since 1991.

Piano: Blue Star started paying the piano since her eight year. Studied music on the Sweelinck Conservatory and got her masters degree in music. During her travels to Peru, Guatamala, Belize, Indonesia, Venezuela, Brazil she made many recordings of traditional music and got a deeper understanding how music and sound is used as the vehicle for spiritual travelling

In the Dreamtime piano concerts Shaman Blue Star would like to share this knowledge with you.

For concerts and bookings please contact.

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Dreamtime Healing ®

The use of sound as a healing force goes wayback into the origin of mankind. In many tribal cultures all over the world sound was used as a ritual form in the arts of healing. The frequencies of sound have healing porperties that is quite part of the culture.
Already 40.000 years ago the aboriginal peoples of Australia used the Yedaki to express the dreamtime. We know the instrument as a didgeridoo.

It is the hollowed out branch of the eucalyptus tree. This instrument produces very remarkable sounds which we can distinguish as earth and cosmic tones.
The combination of these two tones call up wave forms in the brain that we normally find with very experienced yogi. These wave forms give to the body a deep relaxing effect.
This state is the basis for the healings in the Dreamtime Healing Concerts which was founded in 1991.

Dreamtime Healing  Concert  ®

Participants are laying on a soft underground covered with a blanket. The healer-players use different shamanic instruments that induce a light trance.

The healing instruments that are used are the didgeridoo’s, the Tibetan bowls, shamanistic drums, rattles, the gong and we also make use of hands-on-healing and voice channeling.
A dreamtime healing concert is about 1 ½ hour

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