Shamanism_Teachings_walking_dreamtrack_connectionConnections will be the focus of a powerful two-day workshop.

There is all that is around us, there is all that is inside of us.

The more we feel connected, the more we will feel ‘real’ and present in our lives. In Native Indian spirituality we learn that the land IS us, as well as the trees and the clouds. The grandfathers say “the earth is my mother, the sky is my father, the bear is my brother”. And so it is. Everything is connected.

Making a connection with a flower is feeling its life force. Walking the land, we can feel her energy through our feet, and the way it sustains us.

In these two days you will be learning to re-connect to this truth through experiencing the spirit in all things. We will also make a Medicine Walk through the land.

In that way you will  re-connect to the real spirit of all that you are. This is an opportunity to relate to your true inheritance as a child of this planet. Through this amazing adventure, you will get a glimpse of the mystery of existence on mother earth.

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