Dreamtime Piano Concerts

What is a piano dreamtime concert?

It is a unique spiritual experience, the ancient art of stories, So that you, the listener can re-discover your own dreamtime
and travel through the sounds with the story-teller, and to experience long dormant memories, and the original voice of your own dreamtime.

Dreamtime piano journey
Guided by the soundscapes of the piano, the listener will be taken into a special adventure, leaving the layers of illusion and start living in the dreamtime.

Would you like to join me?
Come with an open mind so I can help you unfold the wings of your perception, leading you along the dreampath through time into the dreamtime.

Blue Star has a deep understanding about the transformative power of sounds and uses this knowledge in shamanistic journeys and healing. She is a participant of the Dreamtime Healing Concerts® since 1991.

Piano: Blue Star started paying the piano since her eight year. Studied music on the Sweelinck Conservatory and got her masters degree in music. During her travels to Peru, Guatamala, Belize, Indonesia, Venezuela, Brazil she made many recordings of traditional music and got a deeper understanding how music and sound is used as the vehicle for spiritual travelling

In the Dreamtime piano concerts Shaman Blue Star would like to share this knowledge with you.

For concerts and bookings please contact.

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