Initiations Rites

Initiation rites are rites of passage. It also can mark the passage from one level of understanding into another.

With the Native American Indian tribes there were many ceremonies that marked an initiation.  Like the initiation into adulthood. When a girl or a boy became 15 an important initiation took place. It was a ceremony for the young man or woman as well as for their parents. To let go for the one, and to accept one’s responsibility into society, for the other party. The parents then gave the young one the right to make their own mistakes, the parents would stop giving advice. Only when the young man or woman would ask for advice they would then give their opinion, or give their advice.

I once received the honor to see an initiation rite into male-hood. Standing outside a marked circle, the women as a wonderful gesture of trust, were invited to witness a unique ceremony for men. A group of men then drummed intensely for this one brother who lay naked on the earth and had to hold onto a huge wooden phallus keeping it erect between his legs. After a long struggle he completely collapsed  into the great Mother Earth and was then picked up by all the men with gentleness and brought into the water.  Much later the men passed by the women and we greeted one another with great respect, and great appreciation. No masks. The pureness of male energy called up the pureness of the female energy.

In a wonderful ceremony Shaman Blue Star guides initiation rituals. For women this means her true acceptance of herself as woman towards herself as sister, mother, caretaker, lover of this planet. In a sisterhood we will be using ancient  spiritual ceremonies with water, with moon, with symbols and with awareness exercises that were brought to us from ancient Egypt. Secrets that were given to open up the energies of womanhood.

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