Medicine Teaching: You are the connection

The power of the human being is in its Medicine.

In a workshop that I was doing I got a message from the grandfather spirit of the dolphins. This spirit told me :”You yourself, when you make a connection, you are the connection.”

All what is can be experienced. We create the way in which we perceive. In spirit journeys, we can become conscious of the connection to ancestors and then be able to become the ancestor, we then can experience what this ancestor is experiencing. And so we can also become a spirit in the  future.

This is a brain cracker; we make the connection in creating the experience of darkness or light. We can experience ourselves as power or as self-pity, as an infinite being or as one in the experience of being totally fixed.

This is because we actually are spirit that is having a human experience.

My teacher always said : “Do you want to live from the perspective of The house of Spirit or the house of Evolution?” One gives you total freedom, the other total suffering.
To know that you are a total free being connected to all that is; and be able to live this knowledge is a pretty rare thing in western culture.

In my workshops I like to re-connect people to their true heritance.

It is a wonderful thing to experience yourself in what-ever feeling that comes up, and to be the witness of the experience.  To realize that I have the means to give form to the mystery of my  life. Forms to help me do this are Rituals and Initiations to re-connect to the consciousness of our Planet Mother, we are the planet.

To be conscious of the power of the blood, we are all one blood. To be able to call up the ancient ones with my drum and intention. To know how to create rituals. To know about the power of our dreaming

All knowledge is within the Self, we just have to remember the knowledge that we are. All is possible, by making the connection you become the connection. We are mysterious beings.