Private Readings

In the Readings Shaman Blue Star uses her phychic abilities to perceive a person on multi dimensional levels. Sometimes Blue Star uses power animal -and Sacred Spirit cards to enlighten the client. More often the knowledge comes directly to her.

In a reading you will receive information about your situation and options for solutions. opportunities can reveal itself and insight into what one has to learn in life.

Blue Star establishes contact with the Ancestors and Spirit Helpers and through them she receives information for guidance and healing.

Throughout a reading with Shaman Blue Star the seeker gets the opportunity to come into a dialogue with one’s Self, getting clarity about situations and to see many things from another perspective.

It is important to know where one stands in the here and now, Where one will move into in the near and futher future. Which possibilities show up for personal growth and development.

To be seen on many spiritual levels is a fascinating and lovely experience. Spirit always speaks from the heart.

Shaman Blue Star teaches phychics to further develop their potential.