Shaman Blue Star

Shaman_Blue_Star_Clan_mother_Spirit_CatcherBlue Star is a Shaman
Blue Star is a healer – medium, storyteller and teacher of spirituality. With warmth and  humor she  guides people to reach their potential and find their destination.

Spirit was understood throughout her connection with Chief Dancing Thunder with whom she worked for 18 years.

Susquehannock Tribe 
In 1995 she was adopted into the Susquehannock Tribe of Florida by the late Chief Piercing Eyes Penn, founder of the Native American Indian Church the Pan American Indian Association, acknowledged by the state of Florida. Blue Star is an ordained minister of the Native Church and official clanmother of its council.

Clan mother Spirit Catcher in Florida
Blue Star was adopted in 1994 into the Cherokee by the tribe of Clan mother Spirit Catcher in Florida. And befriended the late Grandfather Sky of the Shoshone.

Sound Healing
1991 she became part of a group of transpersonal healers in the Netherlands. In her work as a healer she also uses Tibetan bowls, shaman’s drum, rattles, and her own voice. She is the inventor of the piano dreamtime.

Blue Star studied music at the Sweelinck Conservatory for 8 years in Amsterdam and got her masters degree in 1978. Blue Star was involved in theater projects and composed music for animation film.

A person of knowledge
Blue Star is now living as “a person of knowledge” one of the traditional titles for a Shaman. She is one of the World Master Teachers, an acknowledgement label for high quality indigenous teachers.

In the dreaming worlds that were called up by the sounds of the didgeridoo Blue Star discovered that she could channel this energy into her piano playing. This is how the Dreamtime Piano Music started. Using the sounds of the piano as an instrument for trance journeys.

Amongst her studies were psychology, dream therapy, gestalt therapy. In 2008 she was initiated as International Clan mother of the Pan American Indian Association and became an ordained minister of the Native Indian church of the Pan American Indian Association. In 2010 she became international Clan mother for the United Indian Nations.

BS and LW 2

2012 Blue Star walking the Song Lines with                              The original Aboriginal Tribal Lawman


November 2011 she went for the second time on a shamanic tour through Australia. She guided the trance dance and de-animation courses in Sydney, ancestral healing in Melbourne, Byron Bay, the Southern Highlands and she met an Aboriginal lawman man through whom she got adopted into the Land.

In 2017 she got adopted into central Australia and got a skin-name Nakamarra

In the Netherlands Blue Star is a tested and acknowledged member of Foundation Enigma, the foundation for phychics.  Shaman Blue Star teaches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Australia, Canada and Cataluña. Blue Stra is also a practitioner of the Scio/Indigo. a Quantum Conscious computer system.