I felt very comfortable in both workshops (trance dance and de-animation) For me both workshops were closely linked. The Friday night session prepared me for what happened in the all day session the following day.  In this session my experience was so deep I felt part of another world. I have been doing transpersonal work for the last 30 years and this was the most  powerful and life changing experience I have ever had. The next morning I felt a deep peace in my heart. Thanks again Blue Star.
Neal Mortensen.

The ‘Discover your personal medicine’ workshop with Blue Star was an amazing experience that will stay with me forever. Through the journeys that Blue Star guided us in I was able to reconnect with many aspects of myself that I did not even know I had been longing for. It was an exciting awakening into myself and my place in the world.  I felt so gently but powerfully held in the space that Blue Star  created with us.  Sharing our journeys with the group allowed me to feel met and seen in a way I have not experienced before. Blue Star is an incredible person with such a depth of knowledge, wisdom, humour and presence. Her humility is inspiring and it enabled me to trust her completely within the work we were doing. It is challenging to find words to put on such a transformational experience but I can say that I feel more connected, aware and alive ever since.

The moment Blue Star starts talking I am completely mesmerized and could listen to her for days. With gentleness, humor and power she clarifies and demonstrates how all the other worlds are accessible to all of us. The crystal consciousness workshop is earth and spirit at the same time. I received many realisations and insights and they are still clear to me. Not only did I learn about the mystic power of crystals, I as well discovered and could used my own phychic abilities. An amazing revelation. Thank you Blue Star for allowing me to be part of these teachings.
Love Crystal Moon (Jessica Bentata)

Thank you Blue Star for your presence and nourishing offerings last night. You have come into my life as my teacher and helped me, in many ways just by being you, to reconnect with this part of my spiritual journey. Thank you also for opening up and offering some of your own heart song…I value your honesty and openness.  Thank you Blue Star!

Thank you Blue Star for an amazing workshop yesterday
Michelle Mahler -Radiance dance Australia

Thank you for profound insights and healing.

As ever you timing was spot on, but you knew that didn’t you? Thank you for your strength and guidance. Life is easier knowing that you are with me

Blue Star for me is a wonderful, warm hearted, strong and beaming woman, who connects mother Earth and Father Sky within her.

When I see the circle of my sisters, how intense the feelings are about fighting alone on a lost post and which tensions come forth out of that, then it is pretty clear which work we accomplished these days. I wish many others such strong and strengthening experiences.

The weekend in the seminar gave me a lot of life’s pleasure and released me from tension and blockages. The discovery of playfulness in myself within the several rituals and the sharing with the others made me very happy and still supports me.