The Art of Seeing Spiritual Perceiving

These teachings focus on spiritual perception.

In the courses about mediumship we discovered that each one of us perceives the world differently.

When we are children we perceive the world in a free way, we have not been ‘domesticated’ . When we grow up we often loose this ability.

We ALL have the capacity to perceive because our ancestors all were hunters at one time and they had to know where the food was to be found. So they ‘ dreamed their prey, and this is why we all have the capacity to “see”.

In three weekends Shaman Blue Star takes you into different ways of perceiving the world, to learn to open up to the ‘un-seen’ worlds and to get in contact with the expansion of your true selves. It is amazing what we actually can perceive when we train our spiritual senses just a little bit.

This workshop is a spiritual training and a wonderful support for every being.

It is great fun to learn and to notice how much we actually do perceive, that we have spiritual senses, that we read with our energy bodies. How we can project ourselves with our dream bodies. What can we read in the world around us. Are we aware of what remarkable miraculous beings we are?

Elements in this course are:

  • What is perception. Where does it come from. How to interpret and learn to trust the information
  • What is a channel and how to open yourself to be one
  • Feelings and Emotions and its role in perception
  • Here and now
  • Simple and powerful meditations
  • Listening with the heart
  • Meeting with your guides
  • Inner peace
  • Famous mediums
  • How to use psychic tools
  • and much more

You are all very welcome to be part of this unique training group

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