The Medicine Wheel for Women

Especially for women it is difficult to be centered into themselves. Women have the tendency to care too much for others. We expect that the love and care that we need will be returned to us from the world. This expectation leads to disappointment. Most of us are not in tune with Mother Earth, the rythms of the Moon cycles, the cosmos and infinity around us.

We learn to care for ourselves, and to see the true value of the gift of life.

Here we use the Medicine Wheel to re-discover and celebrate all the aspects that define your beautiful self.

The Women Gathering
We acknowledge that our Self is much more then what we learned and believe ourselves to be. The purpose of these teachings is to reach your potential. We do this with the help of Visualisation, practical exercises, trance dance, dream journeys and much more.  It is a great adventure to develop your own awareness.

The women gathering give women the rare chance to reach your full potential. In North American Indian Spirituality we include the notion of the woman as a spiritual warrior.

In 2003 Shaman Blue Star received the information to help women to grow into their potential. This was the birth of the teachings: the Medicine wheel for Women, The Woman’s Initiation Rites, and The anchetypes of the Goddess, as well as Personal Medicine for Women.

The spiritual warrior is She who fights for the development of her spiritual self.