The Star Method

The Star Method is a method to release ancestral trauma.

We didn’t come here completely new, we come to this earth with the imprints of our ancestral past. These memories sometimes block the energies flowing through your body, and can prevent you from flowing free. Unconsciously we act out and repeat programs that found its root in a far past.

The Star Method was dreamed to unblock the trauma’s that hold us captive in time. In the first part of the workshop we invite and get the stories of our direct ancestry, the grandfathers, the grandmothers and their lives.

Blue Star uses here shamanistic technique with the drums in order to help you retrieve the stories. In the second part we learn how to release and transcend blocked energy. Here Blue Star is also channeling, helping you to acknowledge your Ancestors and listen to their stories, that helps you to release . You can directly have the experience of how powerful new flushes of energy flow back into your body after doing the Star Method.

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