Water Rituals & Self Healing

We can’t live without water. We are water for 70%. Water is one of the four children of the Earth and has its own beautiful energy and knowledge. It’s has a very subtle sweetness.

The Medicine People of Ancient Knowledge knew how the Spirit of water could be used to heal, to cleanse, and to support us in daily life. All over the world water is used in many rituals, blessings and initiations.

In this workshop we will learn some of these rituals and experience their effect on our body, mind and spirit. We will program water and listen to its messages. Through shamanic journeys we will call in the Spirit of the different phases of water and discover the power of water in the self. Blue Star will teach us how to use water for healing ourselves and the world we live in.

Blue Star: “The grandmothers of my tribe said: If you have a secret, don’t tell it to the water, because everybody will know it”.

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